Closer to your data

HelloData is introducing an open, publicly accessible standard for the secure sharing of energy data. HelloData translates a household’s energy data via the smart meter to energy services and apps. So consumers are always in control. They have autonomy and freedom of choice about energy services and apps, and can decide for themselves which energy data will be passed on, when. This animation shows you at a glance why HelloData exists and how it could benefit you.

For who

HelloData allows companies and energy suppliers to offer a wider array of products & services. So consumers can opt for those energy products & services that really meet their needs. What’s more, developers and hardware vendors can use HelloData to receive energy data in a single standard format/standard. Allowing them to focus on their core business. See what HelloData can do for you.

How it works


With HelloData the consumer gets insight into their energy data and can choose which applications they want to use.

Data-generating equipement

HelloData translates meter values from a smart meter (and, in the future, from other smart devices and systems) to a single open standard for apps: the HelloData standard.

Open, safe and versatile

HelloData stands for connectivity. It ensures energy data can be easily exchanged via a single protocol. So that all devices and applications can communicate seamlessly with one another.

Services & Applications

Service providers, such as energy suppliers and builders of apps, can use the open HelloData protocol.